„MediaKing“ is Croatian company which is specialized in implementation af advanced and innovative Smart Wi-Fi Solution for a large companies, bussiness centers, malls, public institutions, stadiums, transportation ( busses, metro, trollyescars, etc ), and other large surfaces that requires Hi-Speed Wi-Fi connection with large number of simulatenous connections.

With more then few thousands of Wi-Fi Hotspots and working with largest Brands, we have proved not only in Croatia, but also on Foreign market.

Creative solutions

Our creative management team will help you with market research and creation of perfect solution for your Marketing campaign

Group targeting

MediaKing solution will make sure that your Marketing campaign reaches targeted group that could be interested in your product ( Targeting by Product model, Year of Age, Sex, Location, etc )


With MediaKing statistics platform integrated together with Google Analytics, you will get real time statistic sorted by Demographic categories, Consumer Habits, Consumer Year of Age, Interests, etc )

24/7 Support

Change your advertisement on daily basis, or target diferent advertisement campaigns on different locations. Our customer service will be 24/7 at your disposal.

MediaKing Smart Wi-Fi 

Smart Wi-Fi is technological and advanced solution that allows huge number of simultaneous connections to a Wi-Fi hotspot without interruption and signal loss, at the same time producing the maximum internet quality at maximum available speeds.

In some of the Mediaking projects ( concerts and festivals ) we had more then 50.000 People connected to a Wi-Fi Network at the same time, with continous high quality internet connection.

Smart Wi-Fi solution is made for a wide range of customers and it can be implemented in Restaurants, Cafes, Clubs, Public institutions ( Government, Hospitals, Schools ), Public transportation ( cars, busses, trolleycars, ships ), Malls and Shopping centers, Concerts and Sports Halls, Hotels, Apartments, Shops, and all other surfaces that requiers High Quality Wi-Fi connection for their customers.

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Implementation of MediaKing Smart Wi-Fi solution is successfully completed in 60 Busses and Trolleycars in city of Osijek for a client GPP ( Public transportation company )

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Countries in which Smart Wi-Fi solution is implemented
More then 3000 Hotspots worldwide
More then 100000 Users daily
Landing page
Pop up banner

MediaKing Wi-Fi Billboard

Our unique product – Wi-Fi Bilboard is a real digital marketing inovation that allows creation of marketing campaigns on all MediaKing Smart Wi-Fi hotspots. Wi-Fi Bilboard contains few parts: Pop-Up banner, Landing Page, Branding Button, Facebook button, and Redirection – which can be used for different marketing purposes.

Pop-up banner is a picture dimensions of 480×750 px which is showed immediately after customer is connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. In upper right corner icon „X“ is located which has a purpose to close the advertisement. Pop-Up banner can be closed easily, it will not bother customers, but it will provide great visibility to advertisement owner.

Landing Page is Captive portal or page where customer will be redirected after Pop-Up is closed. Hotspot owner can change Landing page for unlimited number of times depending on their wishes.

Branding button is icon that contains a logo, which if selected or clicked, will redirect customer to a specific web page which is integrated depending on Branding button owner wishes.

Facebook Button is icon that will redirect customer to a Facebook page of Hotspot owner. Together with Landing page this is additional benefit for Hotspot owner.
Depending on customer needs, it is possible to add additional buttons ( for example, Digital Menu Button for a Restaurant ).

Analytical platform

Additional value to MediaKing Wi-Fi bilboard solution is our advanced statistics platform integrated together with Google Analytics. This platform enables our clients to pull out a real-time statistics and campaign analytics with data like:

  • Number of visitors
  •  Number of advertisement view
  • Demographical statistics for all visitors
  • Statistics about type, model, and OS of devices connected to a network
  • Campaign statistics
  • Other statistics developed depending on customer requirements

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